The Best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is getting more popular in countries like Nigeria. In India, cricket is an integral part of their culture and lifestyle. With the increasing popularity of the cricket game, more sports betting bookies are offering free bets services on cricket.

There are a number of cricket betting sites on the internet and this includes fake betting site. In places like India where you can bet online are not properly regulated, players have to take extra steps to ensure their safety. Before you can bet on cricket, however, you need to understand the game of cricket first.

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How the Game of Cricket is Played

The game of cricket involves two teams of eleven players each. This game involves the use of a bat and a ball and it is played at the center of the field. At the end of each side of the field are two wickets which are made of two balls balanced on three stumps.

The Battling Team

The two teams take either the duty of battling or bowling. The battling team is similar to the server in a game of tenis. The battling team is represented by the batsman. The batsman uses his bat to ensure that his team scores runs and his team does not lose a wicket to the bowling team.

The batsman scores runs for his team by hitting the ball after it has been bowled by the bowling team. To hit a successful run, the batsman has to hit the ball well enough to send it out of the playing field.

The Bowling or Fielding Team

The bowling team is also the fielding team. Through the bowler, they try to make the battling team lose a wicket. It is also the duty of the bowler to stop the batsman of the battling team from scoring a run. The bowling team also doubles as the fielding team.

The bowling team can score a run by stopping the ball from leaving the field. This can be done by catching the ball after the batsman hit it while the ball is still in midair. The fielding or bowling team can also score a wicket if their bowler beats the batsman and hits any of the three stumps.

The game of cricket is judged by two umpires who are aided by a third umpire. The umpires communicate with two off the field scorers. These scorers record statistics about the game In international cricket tournaments, a referee is included.

Popular Cricket Tournaments

Talking about tournaments, there are a host of cricket tournaments. They range from club and country tournaments to local and international cricket tournaments. Every cricket tournament requires the approval of the International Cricket Council.

It is the role of the council to formulate rules and also enforces those rules. The ICC also enables the formation of cricket tournaments. Below are some of the cricket tournaments.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the most prestigious cricket tournament in the world. It consists of both the men and women world cups. The ICC cricket world cup is played between countries. The tournament includes the following stages: the Super 8, 6, as well as semi-finals and finals.

T20 World Cup

The T20 format of cricket is a very old form of cricket. It originated from India but soon became an international game in no time. The format for playing this tournament is popular because it consumes far lesser time. The T20 world emphasizes technique over defense is superseded by shot selection and power.

The Ashes Series

India is not the only country with a history in cricket. England and Australia have cricket history and the Asher series is a proof of this history. The Asher Series is a cricket tournament between England and Australia. This tournament commemorates the shocking loss England suffered at the hands of the newly formed nation of Australia in 1882.

Indian Premier League

Considering India’s rich history in cricket, it is only normal for India to have its own local cricket event. The IPL is the most watched cricket tournament in India and the fifth most watched tournament in the world. The league runs for two months and provides the nerve wrecking exciting, drama, glitz and glamour.

ICC Champions Trophy

Although it has been discontinued, the ICC champions trophy was a tournament that kept fans glued to their screens. This knockout format tournament was held in one day and in every four years. The anticipation of this tournament was very high from 1998 to 2013 when it was discontinued.

Champions League Twenty20

While cricket is popular for the participation od national teams, there is still a lot to enjoy from the local or domestic level. This tournament waa played amongst the top played cricketing nations. It involved top teams coming from the Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa and the BCCI.

Champions League Twenty20 was a spectacular featuring gameplay from the best of cricket players. The tournament was established in 2008 but discontinued in 2014. The outcome of this tournament was quite unfortunate as it did not give the players and fans time to adjust to the game.

Asia Cup

The Asian Cup is a tough cricketing competition featuring the best cricket teams in Asia. The game is hampered by political tensions. Not all nations are selected or willing to join in the competition. The organizers were forced to call off the competition on two ocassions.

Despite the political tension, the tournament continues to thrive. This tournament hosts the heated Pakistan vs India fixtures. It is also very popular among fans of cricket.

The Best Betting Sites

There are a wide variety of online cricket betting sites in India. Online betting sites like this offer the most popular forms of cricket tournaments. This includes IPL betting sites where you can bet online. Below are some of the best online betting sites for cricket.

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • Icric
  • ComeOn
  • Parimatch
  • 1xbet
  • Casumo
  • Sportsbet
  • Dafabet

The criteria used to choose these sites are very specific as we will see below.

Features of the Best Cricket Betting Sites

Before you make a bet at any cricket betting site, ensure that it is safe for gambling. There are a lot of fake online cricket betting sites in India. Here are some features to consider when choosing the best betting sites india offers.

Proper Licencing

Good betting sites for cricket should have the necessary license needed to operate. They should also display their license of operation. A license is a proof that they have been screened by the appropriate authorities. Without this license, the cricket betting site is not safe for gambling.

Popular Tournaments and Markets

Legitimate online betting sites should offer popular cricket games where the results are available to the public. Players should be able to ascertain if they have won or lost from the internet. This enables transparency.